Sometimes movement is the best medicine. We want to see how many people we can inspire to get moving, be silly, have fun and be joyfully expressive with their Goofy Gufs.

So now it’s YOUR turn to create your OWN Goofy Guf Music Video!

Here’s everything you need to know to submit your music video for the contest:


  1. Applicants must be part of or a representative of an organized Jewish community such as a synagogue, JCC, day school or summer camp

  2. The video must be at least 1 1/2 minutes in length

  3. The video must use Noah Aronson’s official Goofy Guf recording as the background music

Criteria for video submission: 

  1. A strong ability to galvanize and reach out to the entire community 

  2. Strong energy, excitement, enthusiasm, joy, fun and lots of movement 

  3. Extra credit will go to videos that display as many people as possible dancing the official Goofy Guf dance

  4. Creativity and professionalism in terms of video quality and production 

Not quite sure how to make your own music video? Check out Noah’s tutorial to show you just how simple it can be!

Submission process:

  1. Submit your video below

  2. Video submissions will be accepted until May 2nd at 10pm EST.

  3. Your video will be reviewed by a committee who will determine if it can move onto the final round.

  4. You will be notified by email if your video is selected for the final round.  

  5. Feel free to post your video on Facebook and share it with your friends whether or not it is selected for the next round. 

  6. Noah Aronson Music will upload the finalists’ video to YouTube and share on our Facebook page.

  7. Finalist will be tasked with sharing the posts on their pages to help gain the mosts like to win. 

  8. The video with the highest number of ‘likes’ on YouTube by 2pm on Friday May 10th will be deemed the winner. 

  9. Winner will get a free* concert for their congregation, school, or camp by Noah Aronson in the 2019-2020 school year on a date to be determined and agreed upon by both Noah Aronson Music and a representative from your community.
                          *travel and accommodation expenses not included

Reminders and Tips:

  1. Post about it on Facebook, send the link out to your congregation, do as much as you can to get your video up to as many likes as possible! 

  2. When posting to Facebook and Instagram please remember to tag me @NoahAronson

  3. Use the hashtag #goofyguf and #getyourgufon when you post


Check out our winning video!